17 Best Event Planner Websites Design To Unleash Creativity 2021


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Organizing an event, whether corporate, special or trade events is a challenging task.However meticulous and enthusiast you are, you might find yourself weary of planning and organizing events if it isn’t your usual task.The worst is, you might neglect other essential details of the events that won’t meet quality expectations.That’s where the event planner comes like a superhero! Event planners exist to organize well events ahead of time.From facilities, locations, special guests, equipments, catering and other big and small details, event planners ensure that all of them are taken care of.In this way, businesses , couples, celebrants will have time to relax and focus on the most important matters.

Today, various event planners are providing incredible opportunities for brands, and couples to create an ultimate lasting impression to the audience.And fortunately, you can also find them online.If you’re one of them but do not have the ideal website yet, then this list is a perfect set of inspiration.

These event planner websites will indeed inspire you to build your online visibility with sophistication.

While event planning job is challenging, building your website can even more challenging.Crafting your website can help you make or break your image as a professional event planner.

So, you should do a lot of research and find some tools that will help you carry out your plans.Of course, you can find the best websites that will guide you in crafting your own.

Building an online presence is not as easy as one may think.

That’s why you should make sure that you have all the elements you need, have an outstanding layout, good functionality and user-friendly design.Take a glimpse of these event planner websites and unleash your creativity!

If you want to build a similar website to one listed below, please check these event planner WordPress themes .Chappelow Events

If you wish to impress visitors on your website and turn them into potential clients, you’ve got to prove your capabilities to create successful and enthusiastic events.Hence, your portfolio must be impressive enough for clients to book an appointment with you.Chappelow Events has a clean and classic design of the event planner website.Focusing on the most essential elements of the website, it has a minimalist design yet has compelling content.

The site never fails to guide visitors to its awesome portfolio and to meet the people behind successful events they handled.Of course, the site would be incomplete without displaying services the business offers.With Chappelow Events, such services are clearly showcased.Preview Wink Wed

Simple and straightforward design, Wink Wed is ready to assist every couple who wants to make their big day momentous.It makes use of the simple but attractive design on the homepage with call-to-actions, big and high-quality imagery, etc.The site also utilizes fixed navigation for visitors to easily navigate to other pages of the website.

In order to impress potential clients, event planners must display creative works or portfolio nicely.With Wink Wed, a cool gallery of their works is presented stunningly – with high-quality imagery.For clients to easily connect with the business, Wink Wed integrates social media along with email, phone and fax numbers.Preview Roberts Events

If you provide outstanding customer services and are able to organize events well, you need to promote your brand online to improve your reach.

Roberts Events has established a striking design of its event planner website.Meanwhile, the purple color signifies grandeur, royalty, and creativity.Picking purple as the primary color of Roberts Events, it perfectly looks elegant, creative and graceful.It welcomes visitors with a stunning carousel.

Particularly, compelling content is divided into sections to make messages more interesting.Basically, visitors can easily schedule a consultation with the business with an attractive CTA.Next, featured services also look grandeur and clear as they are arranged using big, captivating images.Preview Fox Events

Different brands have different personalities.Likewise, there are also various ways for a website to stand out.Having a thin and crisp design, Fox Events entice potential clients to trust its services to plan and organize weddings , corporate events, social and non-profit events.Such services are arrayed using a slider and a descriptive CTA.In order to show proofs of outstanding services, visitors must access the great portfolio that you can ever provide.

Fox Events, never miss that awesome feature.It enables a visitor to check its gallery of weddings, corporate and social events.Moreover, there are various ways that the website offers – email, phone number, office address, and even social media integration.Preview Take Heart Events

Create a good impression with your audience as you roll out new products, introduce campaigns on business events.

And that could be possible when you allow event planners to handle the tasks for you.

Take Heart Events will definitely provide the services you need for whatever type of event you’re planning to set up.Its website is totally impressive and enticing.The images on the hero scene arrayed in a carousel along with clear and descriptive CTAs are undeniably remarkable.

Specifically, the site showcases simple and comprehensive services – whether corporate events, non-profits, social and wedding events, this website introduces them in a simple way.Furthermore, the event portfolio also comes in an exciting manner.By barely looking at such a portfolio, along with testimonials, the audience will get to know how the business operates.Preview Venice First

If you have great experiences in planning and organizing events, you need to spread your brand awareness to shine even more! Event planners produce events successfully right from concepts down to completion.

Venice First invites couples, businesses and non-profit firms to entrust their upcoming events with them.The site, as most of the other event planners, embraces the beige or light-tone color scheme to imply classiness and elegance.Like any other event planners, Venice First offers services for weddings, corporate and special events.

Particularly, such services are exhibited in a way that clients can easily determine their purpose.An event planner website isn’t the ideal one if it doesn’t include a portfolio; well, with Venice First, all excellent and successful events are arrayed beautifully.Preview LK Events Chicago

In creating your website, your goal is to be set first.Of course, every individual and corporation who builds an online presence is looking forward to personal or business growth.Therefore, as you craft your website, you need to make sure it’s worth your time and effort.

LK Events Chicago is another excellent inspiration for event planner websites.It has a clean and neat design and utilizes ample white spaces that look superb.The website shows its authenticity and credibility as it showcases the portfolio page.This is where you can check awesome shots of momentous events presented using a carousel.If visitors would like to access the team behind such an establishment, that’s also possible with LK Events’ stunning about page.

Preview Convectures

Promises to take care of planning and organizing events, Convectures is ready to manage events of any type.

And they are determined to grow as a business as it builds online visibility with style.This event planner website understands the power of images in drawing people’s attention.Basically, the website welcomes visitors with imagery of different events on the hero header.Moreover, it expands its capabilities and credibility as it presents numerous services to any individual or business.Meanwhile, Convectures also empowers its website by showcasing more latest events they have handled.Even more, just below that section is the awesome statistics of their accomplishments ( presented in a smooth animated counter).

Other notable features include social media integration, sticky header, blog, and newsletter subscription.Preview Swank Events Boston

Event planners help establish and build a brand.Having these helping hands, one can focus on marketing the product or staying calm and relaxed on the upcoming wedding.For Swank Events Boston, a great website can do so much to the business’ success.Therefore, it applies awesome styles that truly make the site unique and eye-catching.For example, impressive, high-quality images on the hero header offer a warm welcome to the site visitors along with its captivating primary CTA.Meanwhile, the crumpled paper effect background on a certain section never fails its role to add a touch of creativity.Aside from that, striking taglines for certain sections will never escape from visitor’s sight too.

Other practical pages include a gallery for portfolio, testimonials, blog and more! Preview Oxygen Event Works

Whatever type of event you are planning to set up, you always want it to prosper.But keeping calm while planning the event is hard.That’s why hiring an event planner can help you relieve stress and gives you the opportunity to shine! Oxygen Event Works exists to improve events of any type.With its grandeur and innovative website, people who need their expertise can easily find them online.

Basically, the site uses valuable imagery to show its amazing works.

Oxygen Event Works offers services such as corporate events and entertainment events.In particular, this website discusses what type of specific services they offer to clients.And these services are clear and comprehensive enough with their enticing buttons, icons and readable descriptions.Moreover, it also offers articles that can help the business gain organic traffic.Preview Twenty Three Layers

Upon building a website, you can always pick the color scheme that represents your brand and the limitation of the design is your creativity.Twenty Three Layers is a clutter-free, innovative and unique design crafted for an event planner website.

Utilizing a perfect color scheme of blue and pink, the site has a gorgeous and captivating look.Removing the lengthy paragraphs, Twenty Three Layers embraces the power of high-quality imagery and readable content or copy.Apart from that, it also comes with clear and descriptive CTAs.In order to prove its credibility, the site lets visitors search for its portfolio- corporate events or social events.Moreover, it also showcases the brands that trust their expertise when it comes to event planning.

Preview Shiloh Events

Events provide incredible opportunities for a brand to shine.; no wonder why numerous event planners are working hard to earn credibility, especially online.Shiloh Events is crafted to create an excellent event planner website ready to cater to couples’ or businesses’ needs and is ready to inspire fellow event planners.The website showcases sequential video clips on the hero header for an enticing homepage along with a clear CTA and a great headline.Typically, testimonials and business partners can similarly boost the business’ image and perception of the customers.

Hence, Shiloh Events exhibits such elements in a stylish manner.What’s more? It also embraces a cool animation upon hovering on the latest event news menus.Check out how inspiring this website is to event planners! Preview Event Tech

One of the best ways to market one’s business is to host an event.However, it may not be as easy as one may think.

Luckily, you can make such events successful without getting exhausted.

You can reach for event planners that will seamlessly do the job for you.Event Tech is one of those firms that provide such services.It has a superb design of the website that comes with essential web elements.Basically, it welcomes visitors with a huge image and descriptive call-to-action.If a visitor wishes to see the equipment and production services, that’s also possible with this website.Whether you plan to hold an indoor or outdoor event, Event Tech will make it easier for you.Other relevant sections and pages include testimonials, blog, capabilities, and so much more! Preview Handy & Dallaire Events

As a business, focus on the big matters but don’t ignore the small ones.

Having a marketing strategy that works best for your business isn’t a small matter.Knowing events are effective ways to promote brands, an event planner’s task is invaluable.Handy & Dallaire Events presents its experience and expertise in a modern and elegant manner.It makes use of a good copy and quality images to impress visitors.Moreover, it didn’t ignore the essence of white spaces too.White spaces and parallax effect make a graceful transition from one section to another.What’s more? Visitors can also access the firm’s portfolio to see their works.

In addition, an Instagram feed is also embedded in the website to impress visitors.

Preview Nola DMC

If you’re a passionate event planner who needs to build an online presence, you probably need to see these event planner websites.Nola DMC is a brand that comes with a state-of-the-art design website.The high-quality video clips on the homepage as an enticing background is pretty welcoming and entertaining.It showcases less content on the homepage but will stunning features including slider, hover effects, clear ways to keep in touch with the business and more! For exhibiting its portfolio, the website provides a video clip and images that serve as menu or navigation.Apart from that, a video gallery is also included on the website.

Preview Red Events

Red Events offers excellent event management services not just in Singapore, but all over the world.Its website has a captivating design with red as the primary color.Apparently, the website has unique navigation – buttons are aligned vertically which stick to the screen as a visitor scrolls down the page.Other useful features Red Events embraces are the parallax effects, subtle animation upon hovering, and more! On top of that, the red sticky header is pretty much attractive too.It comes with social media integration and phone number to easily connect with the business.

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