Why 2018 Was the Best Year For Video Games… Ever


imageAnother year, another reflection on another batch of video games…but this year is different.Because 2018 was the best year for video games ever.

Don’t believe me? Take a close look at the chief contenders below and make up your own mind…but watch out, because 2018 was pretty nuts.Please note that this timeline has a strong American bias since it mostly reflects US release dates…awesome developments in Japan, Europe, and elsewhere that didn’t have an immediate impact in the US aren’t covered here.That means a lot of important contributions to Japanese and UK gaming history have to wait until they have an impact on the American market.We’re looking at you, Rare.

Below is a list of the best years in gaming history, all leading up to the spectacular 2018.

Contender: 1982 By 1982, video games had gone mainstream.

The American arcade was near its domestic zenith.The list of arcade cabinets distributed in ‘82 is a murderers’ row of classics: Ms.

Pac Man, Pole Position, Dig Dug, Q-Bert, Robotron, Joust, Time Pilot, Tron, Mr.Do, Sinistar, Donkey Kong Jr, Jungle Hunt, Popeye, Tron, Moon Patrol, Xevious, Kangaroo, and Burger Time, among many others.

Yars’ Revenge was one of the most beloved console originals of a generation and the Atari 2600’s most best-selling original game.

Other classics include Chopper Command, Atlantis, River Raid, Demon Attack, and Starmaster..

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