The Holy Trinity Of ‘Destiny 2’ Quality Of Life Issues



Generally speaking, I’d say Bungie is pretty good about responding to common fan complaints about Destiny 2, from major to minor issues.Usually, when a quality of life issue is discussed enough, it ends up getting resolved at some point.All sparrows are auto-summon now! You can apply shaders to a full set of armor at a time for free! A lot of stuff does end up fixed.

And yet, over time, there remains a holy trinity of quality of life issues that seems like it’s almost never addressed, despite being some of the most common complaints in the game.Destiny 2 has made it clear that some problems are harder to solve than others, and yet, these issues have persisted more or less since the game launched, and so far as we know, no fixes are in sight.


How many times must we do this dance? You want blues in the game? They help lower people level and gap fill in the roughly 30 seconds before they start getting legendary drops? Fine.But at the very least, we need to re-solve this problem the way we did all the way back in Destiny 1, the ability to auto-dismantle blues on pickup or drop.This can be something like if you hit the soft power cap, they auto dismantle, or it could be a literal toggle where you can choose whether or not blues are auto dismantled at any given time.

They are a plague.If you can manage to avoid them (since Destiny forces you to pick up trash items if you walk near them, unlike most games) they will still go to your postmaster, pushing out more valuable items or stacks of materials, which leads me to my next point.

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Materials Caps

How Destiny chooses to cap materials is all over the place.

I can have 999 stacks of some currency from Shadowkeep I could never possibly hope to spend, and yet I can be stuck with a 50 prism, 10 shard cap that runs the risk of extras in the postmaster getting deleted.

The caps, if they’re meant to force spending of materials, don’t even work.There are plenty of ways to get around them, including GM farms “storing” Shards by masterworking exotics and shoving them in their vault, something Ekuegan did with his Golden Vault to prove a point about the pointlessness of the current caps.It’s only a couple currencies that need to be free of this, but this has been a persistent problem for years.

Vault Space

Yes, I absolutely consider vault space a quality of life issue because my quality of life is heavily decreased when every week or so I have to spend twenty minutes bidding tearful farewells to old god rolls or potential god rolls in my vault, given how perks and archetypes are constantly buffed.

I’ve written entire articles about this in the past, but the situation is only getting worse:

Sunsetting was supposed to solve vault space issue as you could simply delete large swaths of non-power-viable gear each season.Now, that’s no longer a thing, and we keep getting 20-30 new or reprised weapons every season.Keeping even one roll of each feels almost impossible.There are now four different elemental armor types, and elemental weapon types have now become a lot more important, due to changes made to type matching with your subclass.It’s a lot more stuff you feel the need to keep.

The current collection system means you can’t just delete every exotic weapon you have in your vault unless you want to erase your kill counters or have to infuse them every time you pull them out.

We have not gotten a vault space increase in ages, and so far, we have not heard that one is coming with the Witch Queen.Bungie claims that a new focus on crafting weapons will help with the issue, but we don’t know enough details about how that will work to know if that’s true or not.

So, those are my ongoing QoL issues.

Which ones have I forgotten outside this main trilogy?

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