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imageUpdate: Sony Direct is now sold out of PS5 consoles.Make sure to follow our PS5 restock guide for news on the next drop.Also, check out our Black Friday deals hub for the season’s best sales.

PS5 restock is back at Sony Direct.An invite-only restock kicked off at 2 p.m.ET.

If you didn’t receive an invite, Sony’s signup page is still live and taking registrations.It’s certainly worth putting down your info as Sony Direct has treated us to a flurry of drops in recent days.Plus, there could be more to come now that we’re firmly in Black Friday deals season.

News of this latest Sony Direct restock surfaced yesterday evening when Sony began sending out invitations via email.

These emails were then posted on Twitter .If you’ve previously registered for an invite we advise checking your email account, as you may have been selected.

PS5 Restock Time: Today’s invite-only PS5 restock started at 2 p.m.ET and will run until 7 p.m.ET or while supplies last.

Do note, considering the overwhelming demand for the PS5, we definitely don’t expect this restock to run all the way into the evening.

A restock for the general public could follow after the initial invite-only phase.Should there be a public drop, it’ll likely happen around 5 p.m.ET or so, but the last couple of Sony Direct restocks have been entirely closed.

If a public drop does happen, you’ll be able to get the PS5 for $499 via this link or the PS5 Digital for $399 via this link .

With Black Friday PS5 deals properly landing, slashing the price of loads of the best PS5 games and accessories, now is the ideal time to score a next-gen console.If you’ve got an invite don’t miss this Sony Direct drop.

We’re also expecting to see additional PS5 restocks at a host of major retailers in the coming days.Make sure to bookmark our PS5 restock hub and we’ll alert you with the latest updates as we get them.

Sony Direct PS5 restock (invite only) PS5: $499 at Sony Direct PS5: $499 at Sony Direct

Invite Only: The flagship PS5 console includes a 4K UHD Blu-ray disc drive.As a result, the design is slightly fuller than the all-digital model.It sells for $499 and includes a PS5 DualSense controller.

View Deal PS5 Digital: $399 @ Sony Direct PS5 Digital: $399 @ Sony Direct

Invite Only: The PS5 Digital console lacks a 4K UHD Blu-ray disc drive.

As a result, it’s slightly thinner than its counterpart.It also sells for $399 ($100 less) and includes a PS5 DualSense controller.

View Deal How to get notifications from Sony Direct Occasionally, Sony Direct has restocks for invited guests only.(The invites are sent out via e-mail).Sony recently opened up registration to these events to the general public.

Now anyone can sign up for invite-only Sony Direct PS5 restocks .

You’ll want to have an active Sony Direct account and make sure you have notifications set to “yes.” Creating a Sony Direct account is easy: You can sign up via this link here .Once you’ve set up an account, you’ll want to add your address and billing info.Having this info on file will make things easier should you manage to get a PS5 console in your cart.

To turn on notifications from Sony Direct, you’ll need to sign into your account, click on “My Profile,” and then click the “edit” button from your profile page.You’ll then be redirected to a new account settings page.

From within that page, choose “notifications” from the left column and then make sure you opt-in to receive news and special offers from Sony.

Keep in mind this trick doesn’t guarantee you’ll get an invite in time for the next PS5 drop, but it should increase your chances for future exclusive Sony Direct PS5 restock events.

(Image credit: Future) How to get a PS5 if you didn’t receive an invite Usually after an invite-only PS5 restock, Sony tends to open its virtual queue to the general public.However, that’s not always guaranteed, as there have been instances where the retailer has completely sold out.

If there are extra consoles, a restock for the general public will likely occur after the invite-only event wraps up.(Usually an hour or two after the start of the original drop.) Of course, you can bookmark our page and we’ll keep you updated on the latest PS5 restock news from Sony Direct and all major U.S.retailers.

What to do once you’re in the queue Once you’re in the virtual queue, you’ll be given an estimated wait time.All wait times vary, and there’s a good chance you’ll have a message telling you it will be “more than an hour.” If that’s the case, don’t despair.Your status can rapidly change and you may end up with a shorter wait time than estimated.(For instance, after waiting 20 minutes on a previous PS5 restock event, our time was cut from “more than an hour” to just 15 minutes).

Additionally, you may be required to solve a captcha.

This is a simple challenge/question to ensure you’re not a bot and usually requires that you select a radio box.As a result, you’ll want to make sure your browser tab remains prominent, because if it’s not you might miss your captcha challenge and you could forfeit your place in line.

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