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imageSee the 2022 Best Global Universities

Learn about the top 20 universities worldwide, as ranked by U.S.News.

The best research universities in the world.

Innovative, globe-spanning scholarship requires a concerted effort by institutions to support international students and faculty.The 2022 Best Global Universities rankings include 1,750 top universities from more than 90 countries, ranked according to research performance and reputation.The top 20 universities in the world work across borders to attract international talent and address global issues.Read on to see some of the ways these schools based in the U.S., U.K.and Canada made it to the top of the list.

20.Imperial College London

Sixty percent of students at Imperial College London come from outside the U.K., and two-thirds of research at the institution includes a foreign collaborator.


University of Michigan—Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan—Ann Arbor hosted students from 115 countries in fall 2020, and the university’s International Institute has 17 programs and centers focused on global regions and themes.

16 (tie).Princeton University

The Davis International Center at Princeton University offered nearly 100 programs with about 3,000 participants in the 2018-19 school year.International students comprise 25% of the school’s total enrollment.

16 (tie).University College London

University College London has more than 300,000 alumni in more than 190 countries worldwide.Ongoing collaborations with more than 60 institutions globally give current students and faculty international study and research opportunities.

16 (tie).

University of Toronto

More than half of University of Toronto students speak two or more languages, and the school’s international student body hails from more than 160 countries.

15.University of Chicago

In 1893, the University of Chicago awarded its first Ph.D.

to Japanese scholar Asada Eiji.Today, the university has academic partnerships in nearly 50 countries worldwide.


University of California—Los Angeles

The University of California—Los Angeles has more than 350 research, teaching and student exchange agreements across the globe.

13.University of Pennsylvania

On Feb.8, 2018, former Vice President Joe Biden cut the ribbon at the University of Pennsylvania ‘s Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington, D.C.The center joins more than 60 other university centers or institutes with an international focus.

12.Yale University

The Yale Young African Scholars program at Yale University held its pilot program in 2014 in Ghana and Ethiopia.Since then, 1,391 secondary school students from 43 countries across Africa have participated in the program.

11.University of California—San Francisco

From helping allocate antigen tests during the COVID-19 pandemic to training international scientists in HIV/AIDS research, the University of California—San Francisco ‘s Institute for Global Health Sciences is active in more than 110 countries around the globe.

9 (tie).California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology ‘s reach isn’t just international, it’s interplanetary.

The institute manages NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which oversees the Perseverance Mars rover, one of 39 currently active missions.

9 (tie).Johns Hopkins University

The Coronavirus Resource Center at Johns Hopkins University officially formed on March 3, 2020, and has kept an updated count of COVID-19 cases and deaths around the world throughout the pandemic.This initiative follows other global programs like the International Vaccine Access Center, which started work at JHU’s Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2003.

8.University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is one of 11 members of the International Alliance of Research Universities, a network of research-focused universities in nine countries around the globe.Cambridge’s vice chancellor currently chairs the alliance.

7.University of Washington

Faculty at the University of Washington lead more than 85 study abroad programs in 55 countries, and the university hosts students from more than 100 countries.


Columbia University

In a city with more than 180 languages spoken by residents, students at Columbia University in New York City can study about 50 of them.Students can also attend events through the World Leaders Forum, which in the past has welcomed Ban Ki-moon and the Dalai Lama.

5.University of Oxford

The Oxford University Press at the University of Oxford is the largest such publisher in the world, and it has a presence in 50 countries.In addition, the school’s Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health employs more than 1,500 staff in Africa and Asia.

4.University of California—Berkeley

First founded in 1930, the International House at the University of California—Berkeley houses almost 600 students and scholars from more than 70 countries and provides a variety of internationally focused programming.


Stanford University

The Stanford Global Studies Division at Stanford University utilizes a network of more than 300 affiliated faculty to advance research on international issues.

2.Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Forty-five percent of Massachusetts Institute of Technology faculty are foreign-born, and students and faculty participated in 463 internationally funded research projects in the 2020 fiscal year.

1.Harvard University

Harvard University hosts more then 5,000 international scholars, more than any other university in the U.S.The university has students, scholars and alumni from nearly every country in the world.

Learn more about the Best Global Universities.

These are the top global universities of 2022.

– 1.Harvard University

– 2.Massachusetts Institute of Technology

– 3.Stanford University

– 4.

University of California—Berkeley

– 5.University of Oxford

– 6.

Columbia University

– 7.University of Washington

– 8.University of Cambridge

– 9 (tie).California Institute of Technology

– 9 (tie).

Johns Hopkins University

– 11.University of California—San Francisco

– 12.Yale University

– 13.University of Pennsylvania

– 14.University of California—Los Angeles

– 15.University of Chicago

– 16 (tie).

Princeton University

– 16 (tie).University College London

– 16 (tie).

University of Toronto

– 19.University of Michigan—Ann Arbor

– 20.Imperial College London.

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