Pentagon announces group to investigate reports of UFOs near certain military sites


imagePentagon announces new group to investigate reports of UFOs near certain military sites A Pentagon report compiled in June could not explain 143 incidents.

By Luis Martinez November 24, 2021, 6:36 PM • 4

2:31 Government report on UFO investigation released

A declassified version of the government report presented to Congress on unexplained aerial phenomena says most of them are still unexplained.U.S.Dept.of Defense via AFP via Getty Images, FILE In the wake of a UFO report last summer, the Pentagon has announced the formation of a new group that will investigate reports of UFOs close to sensitive military areas.

The new Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group will specifically look at reports of Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP) near U.S.military facilities.UAP is the military term to describe what is known as UFOs or Unexplained Flying Objects.

“Incursions by any airborne object into our SUA (Special Use Airspace) pose safety of flight and operations security concerns, and may pose national security challenges,” said a Pentagon press release using the term that includes restricted military airspace, military operations areas, firing ranges and places restricted for national security and other uses.

MORE: Few answers in unclassified UFO report In a memo outlining the group’s formation, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks wrote that unidentified aerial phenomena in special-use areas “represents a safety of flight risk to aircrews and raises potential national security concerns.”


Dept.of Defense This video grab image obtained April 28, 2020, courtesy of the U.S.

Department of Defense shows part of an unclassified video taken by Navy pilots that have circulated for years showing interactions with “unidentified aerial phenomena”.The new group will synchronize the Pentagon’s efforts with other federal agencies “to detect, identify and attribute objects of interest in Special Use Airspace (SUA), and to assess and mitigate any associated threats to safety of flight and national security.”

MORE: Upcoming UFO report to Congress creating lots of buzz It will be overseen by the under secretary of defense for intelligence, who will head an executive council including the director of the Joint Staff and senior officials from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Last June, the U.S.

intelligence community released a report requested by Congress that provided the first unclassified assessment of Unexplained Aerial Phenomena.

MORE: Pentagon declassifies Navy videos that purportedly show UFOs Compiled by the Navy’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force, that report could not explain 143 incidents and said 18 of them appeared “to demonstrate advanced technology.” The UAP Task Force will now be absorbed into the newly formed group announced by the Pentagon.

The UAP report also identified the need to make improvements in the Pentagon’s processes, policies, technologies and training to improve its ability to understand UAP..

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