New Sky Glass TV lets you watch telly with NO satellite dish for ‘£13 a month’


imageSKY has unveiled a brand new “streaming TV” that doesn’t need a satellite dish.

It means you can finally watch Sky TV without having a dish on the outside of your home.

5 The new TV is called Sky Glass – and has full Sky built in Credit: Sean Keach / The Sun 5 You can wake up the TV with your voice, and watch all the usual Sky Q content – including live TV Credit: Sean Keach / The Sun 5 The Sky Glass TV looks slick in real life Credit: Sean Keach / The Sun The gadget is a proper 4K Ultra HD Quantum Dot television – the “only TV in the world with Sky inside”, Sky boss Dana Strong said at the launch event in London.

It works over WiFi, rather than via satellite dish.

And Sky says it’s affordable, starting at just £13 a month – on sale from October 18.

The UK broadcaster has been teasing the gadget for weeks as “magical” – but it’s now official.

It supports Dolby Atmos and HDR (including HLG, HDR10 and Dolby Vision), has an anodised aluminium frame, and uses just a single power cord.

Sky says there are three sizes available: 43-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch.

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CLOSED BOOK How to find out if you’ve been BLOCKED on Facebook in seconds Pricing it up The 43-inch model is £649 or £13 a month, while the 55-inch model costs £849 or £17 a month.

For the top model, you’ll pay £1,049 or £21 a month.

If you bundle in the Sky Ultimate TV package, the price rises to £39 a month.

That gets you all the main channels, Sky Originals and Sky Exclusives, as well as Netflix.

By comparison, current Sky Q costs £26 a month for 18 months – with up to £49 in setup fees.

For an extra tenner, you can get a Sky stream puck, which will let you put Sky on the other TVs in your home – so you don’t have to pay for a Sky Glass in every room.

There are five colours of Sky Glass available, including blue, green and black.

You can say “Hello, Sky” to wake up your TV.

And you can use voice requests to call up specific channels, TV shows or movies.

In Spring next year, Sky will also be flogging a smart camera add-on for the top of the TV.

It allows for video calls, interactive games like Fruit Ninja, and shared watching with pals.

Dream stream Currently Sky boxes do use the internet to stream some content.

But a satellite dish has always been necessary for full setup and service.

Sky also already offers a TV-over-internet service called Sky Go, but it requires an existing Sky plan to work.

Now you can use the new Sky Glass TV to watch telly without a satellite dish.

No dish Installing a Sky dish isn’t always ideal.

Some people don’t like how they look, and others simply can’t install them.

And having to make changes to your property just to watch TV feels like a relic of the past.

The new Sky Glass TV is a full Sky Q offering – just over the internet instead.

So you can still watch regular channels, and even record content.

You’ll also get access to the same catch-up and on-demand apps like Netflix and Disney+.

Sky’s the limit We spoke to industry expert Paolo Pescatore, who said this will make life very hard for Sky rivals.

“For me the news is all about the prospect of getting the premium Sky Q TV experience without a satellite dish,” the PP Foresight analyst told The Sun.

“Sure, if this is integrated into other connected devices then it will make the service far sticker for households.

“This opens up new revenue opportunities with higher margins for Sky.

“Prospect of innovative dual and triple play bundles with faster fibre and even gigabit connectivity.

“Hard for rivals to compete head on given Sky’s dominance in TV and position as an aggregator of key streaming services.”

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