Mum builds gaming loft in sons’ bedroom for £250 using decking and fence posts


imageAs a parent, it’s always tricky when your child gets to that age where they start wanting a bigger bedroom – especially if they share a room with their siblings.But one single mum-of-four has managed to find a way to give both her sons the space they wanted just with a few simple items and some creative thinking.

Becky Alsop, 35, is mum to four children – Beth, 16, Kaci, 14, Kayden, 10, and seven-year-old Freddie – who all live under one roof in a three-bedroom house.

Kayden and Freddie share a bedroom but were desperate for more space for their gaming equipment, and in a stroke of inspiration, Becky hatched the perfect plan to build them their very own loft inside their bedroom.

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The mum said: “The bedroom wasn’t big enough for all the things the children had – plus they had their gaming consoles and monitors.

“I sat down for days and drew this idea up, with a few tweaks along the way to get the outcome I wanted.

“We had just taken over a new property 10 weeks ago which needed updating, so this was my perfect opportunity to refurbish their room.”

Becky used a piece of wood to make the frame and fixed it to the wall using loft boarding.

She then created banisters on both sides from old decking posts and reclaimed a wooden fence post from her garden to make the ends of the banister.

She bolted it all down to make it strong, adding support beams under the flooring before stapling a large piece of carpet to the top floor.

To make stairs up to the loft, Becky used a six-unit Kallax shelf she had bought from IKEA.

Becky spent 10 days creating the DIY project, and by using repurposed pieces of wood for the majority of the task, she managed to keep her costs down to just £250.

She said: “I’m amazed with the results – it turned out way better than I even had pictured.”

The mum has since posted the results on Facebook – and people are loving the finished look.

One Quote: : “This is actually amazing and done to such an ideal budget.Think I’m going to steal this idea for my youngest and my stepson – what my partner doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

While another said: “Great way to create a fun space for them, well done.”

And a third posted: “Totally fantastic you should be so very proud.”

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