Heinz launches Christmas dinner in a TIN amid warnings of a possible turkey shortage this year


imageIf the warnings of a turkey shortage this Christmas have got you in a flap, fear not – Heinz has a backup plan.It has come up with a Christmas dinner soup with ‘big chunks’ of turkey as well as sprouts and stuffing.The £1.50 Big Soup Christmas Dinner also has roasties, pigs in blankets and a gravy and cranberry sauce.If you’re going to rely on it to feed the family, however, you’ll have to be quick – just 500 cans will be available this year.The Big Soup Christmas Dinner has turkey, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and a gravy and cranberry sauce Heinz might make more next year if it is a success.Farmers are predicting a turkey shortage this year due mostly to labour shortages.Heinz isn’t the only one to try to can Christmas – in 2013, retailer GAME launched a ‘Christmas tinner’ for gamers too hooked to their consoles to bother cooking.The tinned dinner comes as many shoppers are expected to struggle to find traditional turkeys this year It had a top layer of scrambled egg and bacon above a layer of fruity mincemeat, a middle layer combining turkey and trimmings, and a layer of Christmas pudding.

A survey for Heinz by Opinium found that 42 per cent would eat Christmas dinner more often if it did not take so long to cook and 36 per cent would have it more if it was not so expensive.Anke von Hanstein, brand manager for Heinz Soups, said: ‘We are so excited for the lucky 500 people to try this sensational seasonal addition to Heinz’s Big Soup family.

Heinz say if the soup is a success they will make more of the fast festive feast for Christmas in 2022 ‘It is made for those with a big love for hearty festive flavours and tastes just perfect with a slice of warm crusty bread.‘Any soup that includes pigs in blankets and roasties is a winner in our eyes.

‘And if these lucky few who managed to get their hands on it love it as much as we do, Heinz Christmas Dinner Big Soup might be back next year, bigger and better.Watch this space.’ The cans are available online at Heinztohome.co.uk/Christmas for £1.50 plus postage and packaging..

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