Five Things ‘Destiny 2’ Should Change For Festival Of The Lost Next Time



Destiny 2 has given Festival of the Lost a bit of a refresh this year , mostly because they had to.With Mercury sunset, that has also taken away the Haunted Forest, based on the Infinite Forest, and instead Bungie crafted three Haunted Lost Sectors that…are fun! I like them! And yet I think there are a number of issues with this event that should be changed in the future.

So, here’s what I would consider when this comes around again next year.

1.Kill The Weird Lost Sector Delay

You have probably all experienced this by now.If you kill 9 or 10 Headless One before the timer runs out, the event will simply…stop.

You will sit there for anywhere from 30 seconds to 2+ minutes just waiting for the boss to spawn as no more enemies arrive.

Either A) this should simply skip ahead to the boss fight when you hit 10 Headless One kills or B) More Headless Ones should keep spawning indefinitely so you can get more pages converted.Part of the Haunted Forest was getting as “far” as you could before the timer ran out, so why shouldn’t the goal here be to see who can jam in the most Headless One kill in four minutes?

Update : Alright, this is a confirmed bug , so presumably it won’t be around next time.Not sure what the fix actually is though, A or B.

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2.Make Candy Packages Valuable

Needless to say, once you are done buying masks with your Candy, the blue and purple packages you can spend hundreds or thousands of candy on are…generally utter trash.

The quality of these offerings has been very poor for ages now, whether that’s medals in Guardian Games or presents in The Dawning.These rewards need to be improved, and for Festival specifically, the purple packages should absolutely be dropping Festival weapons every time, not world loot drops.

3.Mask Stats

So there has to be a fix here, rather than giving everyone 48 stat masks every year that decimate your stats.I understand that the rationale behind that is so people don’t want to wear the masks outside of the holiday event because they’re so bad, and yet I would much prefer a solution that doesn’t ruin my build and also achieves the same objectives.

This is one of those “this is probably a lot more technically difficult than it sounds” ideas, but one thing I’ve thought of is that they could activate a special mask ornament slot on legendary (or hell, even exotic) armor that is only live during Festival of the Lost, then patched out afterward.This would allow you to retain your current build but participate in the fun mask-wearing portion of the event just for that limited amount of time.I guess the 48 stat masks could still exist if people wanted to play dress up the rest of the year, but this is a fix I’d like to see.


Stop With The “Grind Every Old Thing To Grind The New Thing” Set-Up

You may have thought that I was going to say something like “don’t nerf efficient sources of materials” and yet I think that’s only part of the problem.The real part is that Festival of the Lost, and many of these events, are tied to this idea that we need to go and grind old content for the sole reason of getting a new type of currency to use in the holiday content.

In this case, doing every activity in the game in order to get pages to convert in the Haunted Sectors.When honestly, I’d rather just run the Haunted Sectors only.

To me, it doesn’t really matter if the game is telling me to grind Crucible, Gambit or strikes, or if I am “efficiently” grinding Wrathborn Hunts or Expunge or Public Events instead.I don’t want to be doing any of that for a holiday event, and I wish I could just farm the actual event as much as I wanted to in order to get drops of the holiday-specific loot and rewards.

5.Okay Enough Primaries

Three Festival of the Lost weapons, three primaries.

Two kinetic auto rifles and now a solar pulse rifle.

Think it’s time to move on and next time around, we should get a special weapon or heavy that’s specific to the event.Or at the very least something that isn’t a “rifle” archetype (I would take a sidearm or SMG even).Also, as much as I like Jurassic Green’s scales, its stats are just plain worse than Gridskipper and Darkest Before, making it pretty underwhelming at baseline.

So, those are my suggestions.

Feel free to add your own.

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