Even Apple is struggling with chip shortages, could cut iPhone 13 production


image– Apple could reportedly cut iPhone 13 series production for 2021 by 10 million units.- It’s claimed that the company is experiencing a shortfall in parts from Texas Instruments and Broadcom.The global chip shortage has been one of the biggest tech stories of 2021, affecting cars, graphics cards, and gaming consoles.Smartphones have also suffered in a big way, with some Android brands forced to offer limited launches.Now, it turns out that Apple might be feeling the heat as well.Bloomberg reports that Apple could cut iPhone 13 series production targets by 10 million units in 2021 due to the chip shortage, citing people familiar with the matter.Apple designs its own chipsets for the iPhone series, with production carried out by TSMC.But it’s believed that a shortfall of chips from Texas Instruments and Broadcom could be to blame for the reduced production target.

The former company is said to supply display parts, while the latter offers wireless components.The situation also illustrates the severity of the chip shortage, as Apple traditionally enjoys a ton of purchasing power compared to many smartphone brands.In other words, if Apple isn’t able to use its might to secure components, that doesn’t bode well for smaller Android OEMs.Apple’s arch-rival Samsung has also apparently suffered as a result of the chip shortage.Samsung mobile chief TM Roh visited the US twice earlier this year in a bid to secure chips from an unnamed global chipmaker, The Elec reported last month.It’s believed that Roh’s request was denied, but a company representative told the outlet that it was able to secure “some” volume as a result of the trip.

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