Bungie Says Marty O’Donnell Owes Them Nearly $100,000 After ‘Destiny’ Contempt Finding



It’s one of the ugliest divorces in the game industry, and it’s only getting worse over the years.Composer Marty O’Donnell was responsible for the iconic Halo score and the launch music of Bungie’s Destiny, but after being removed from the company, a lengthy legal battle taken a turn into a result not in his favor.

Eurogamer is reporting that O’Donnell has been found in contempt of court regarding his use of Destiny assets, specifically the “Music of the Spheres,” which O’Donnell has previously either offered up for free on the internet or accepted donations for via Bandcamp.

The contempt of court ruling says that O’Donnell did not turn over all relevant material owned by Bungie like he was supposed to, and now must take a series of steps to rectify the situation, which includes issuing a public statement that he did not own the material, was not allowed to distribute it, and that anyone who got it from him, must delete it.

O’Donnell did issue a statement on his Twitter account a short while ago of that nature, but it was quickly taken down and his page remains devoid of anything relating to the Bungie case, though he has already cleansed his YouTube channel of offending material.The order says he cannot comment on the case publicly outside of this very specific, mandated message about it.Bungie’s comment is simply referring to the ruling itself.

MORE FOR YOU Here’s The ‘Destiny 2’ Season Of The Lost Roadmap, Kind Of NBA 2K22 Patch Info: 2K Makes One Thing Very Clear In New Update How To Get ‘Destiny 2’ Exotic Ager’s Scepter, With All Quest Steps Past all this, Bungie is demanding that O’Donnell not just pay them whatever he’s earned from sales of the material, but also almost $100,000 in legal fees, which O’Donnell’s camp says is too steep.It’s unclear how much O’Donnell has racked up in legal bills on his side already, but he’s tweeted about the high cost previously and has asked fans for support, telling them to buy his more recent soundtracks that he still owns.

O’Donnell ran afoul of the Destiny community when he began spamming subreddits with links to Music of the Spheres and his Bandcamp, which were removed, and he was displeased about it.

But he was very, very publicly circulating this material for a long time, and it’s not exactly a surprise to see this ruling, if you’ve been following his actions for a while now.

O’Donnell has a new studio, Highwire Games, working on the controversial game Six Days in Fallujah.Destiny 2 is currently mainly scored by Michael Salvatori, who has been well-received by fans since O’Donnell’s departure years ago.Others who have worked on Destiny 2’s score have been Skye Lewin, C.Paul Johnson, Rotem Moav, and Peter Schlosser.

The O’Donnell situation is just unfortunate, but this result, given his actions with Music of the Spheres, is not shocking.We’ll see if this is the end of things, but this has been ongoing in some form for the better part of a decade now, and there continue to be new chapters unfolding.

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I’ve been writing about video games, television and movies for Forbes for over 10 years, and you may have seen my reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

I cover all manner of console and PC games, but if it’s about looting or shooting, I’m definitely there.If I’m watching something, it’s usually science fiction, horror or superheroic.I’m also a regular on IGN’s Fireteam Chat podcast and have published five sci-fi novels.


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