A 1,125 piece set immortalizes one of Sega star


imageThe battle between the mascots for Nintendo and Sega may never end.It of course has raged on for years on gaming consoles, but in recent years, first Sonic had a hit movie, and now Mario is getting a movie.Then Mario got a Lego set, and now Sonic is getting one too.Sonic’s set, however, seems way more fun than Mario’s, and that’s coming from a Nintendo person.nnThe set is called Sonic the Hedgehog: Green Hill Zone and it was developed through the fan-generated Lego Ideas channel.Its 1,125 pieces bring one of Sonic’s most famous levels to life, complete with all the things that make Sonic, Sonic.So lots of mini-figs, lots of movement, and plenty of rings and gems.

nnThe set is out on January 1 for $70 and here are some images.nnThe man, the myth, the hedgehog (and his gems)nnDr.Eggman at your servicennThe full set in all its glorynn“Just about anyone who has enjoyed video games on any level in the last 30 years, knows and loves Sonic—and has probably sped through the unforgettable Green Hill Zone with him,” said Lego designer Sam Johnson.“We have designed this set to be just as colorful and fun as the in-game version of The Green Hill Zone, then filled it with lots of Easter eggs and even prizes to help fans enjoy some of their most beloved gaming icons in a brand-new way.”nnThe set being built (human for scale)nnInterchangeable powers and a dynamic SonicnnLoops, rings, trees, it’s all therennLord of the ringsnnSonic, Crabmeat, Moto Bug, and Dr.Eggman nnSonic on a shelfnnWait, don’t run away!nnLearn more about Lego’s Sonic set, which will be available for $70 starting January 1, right here.nnWondering where our RSS feed went? You can pick the new up one here.nn.

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