Tesla on Autopilot crashes into two parked cars… again…


How Does MTA-STS Improve Your Email Security? 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[ars](d.php?did=arstechnica.com) Your tiny Xbox 360 gamerpic may finally display properly on modern consoles [engadget](d.php?did=engadget.com) Why there’s no such thing as the mind and nothing is mental [aeon](d.php?did=aeon.co) Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson to star in Apple TV+ movie ‘Ghosted’ – 9to5Mac [9to5mac](d.php?did=9to5mac.com) Clubhouse’s spatial audio feature works as advertised — but who cares? [nextweb](d.php?did=thenextweb.com) Billionaire investor John Paulson says crypto has ‘no intrinsic value’ [cointelegraph](d.php?did=cointelegraph.com) Excellent Write-up of the SolarWinds Security Breach [schneier](d.php?did=schneier.com) What is Windows Hello? Microsoft’s biometrics security system explained [compworld](d.php?did=computerworld.com) Fossil announces new smartwatches for 2021 without latest software – The Verge [verge](d.php?did=theverge.com) Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans to Star in Apple TV+ Movie ‘Ghosted’ – MacRumors [macrumors](d.php?did=macrumors.com) Software Change Management Starts – And Ends – With Security – IT Jungle [itjungle](d.php?did=itjungle.com) Kids in China now restricted to just 3 hours of online gaming per week – The Verge [verge](d.php?did=theverge.com) The Google Title/Header Change Does Not Impact Rankings [seoround](d.php?did=seroundtable.com) Forecast: Systems Spending Steady, Up For Services And Software – IT Jungle [itjungle](d.php?did=itjungle.com) Gogoro’s massive battery swapping network named #1, boasts 2M swaps [electrek](d.php?did=electrek.co) iPhone 13 satellite comms report is no reason to get excited – 9to5Mac [9to5mac](d.php?did=9to5mac.com) ProxyToken vulnerability can modify Exchange server configs – The Record by Recorded Future [therecord](d.php?did=therecord.media) How Procrastination Can Reflect Childhood Experience [psychologytoday](d.php?did=psychologytoday.com) Illinois hospital gives COVID-19 patient ivermectin following court order [beckershospitalreview](d.php?did=beckershospitalreview.com) Synthetic biology enables microbes to build muscle [physorg](d.php?did=phys.org) Cream Finance DeFi platform loses $19M in a flash loan hack [cointelegraph](d.php?did=cointelegraph.com) Nielsen audience measurement hiatus tests MRC relevance [adage](d.php?did=adage.com) China further slashes kids’ gaming time to just three hours a week [engadget](d.php?did=engadget.com) Gumroad announces cheaper pricing for creators – The Verge [verge](d.php?did=theverge.com) Hailey Hardcastle: Why students should have mental health days [ted](d.php?did=ted.com) Store Will Only Let You Have Ivermectin If You Show A Picture Of You And Your Horse [iflscience](d.php?did=iflscience.com) The first Neon Genesis Evangelion Blu-rays you can actually buy ship Nov.9th – The Verge [verge](d.php?did=theverge.com) Singapore Gives Up Goal of Zero Covid-19 Cases [gizmodo](d.php?did=gizmodo.com) Standard Chartered launches blockchain trade platform with Chinese fintech [cointelegraph](d.php?did=cointelegraph.com) vivo X70 series to arrive on September 9, Pro+ will have a Zeiss T* camera lens – GSMArena.com news [gsmarena](d.php?did=gsmarena.com) Improving Local SEO of a Bakery to Boost Online Visibility [semrush](d.php?did=semrush.com) Google Says Lighthouse Scores Do Not Affect Google Search [seoround](d.php?did=seroundtable.com) The Morning After: Our verdict on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 [engadget](d.php?did=engadget.com) Leakster: the Xiaomi 12 will have a triple 50MP camera with a 5x periscope – GSMArena.com news [gsmarena](d.php?did=gsmarena.com) Radioactive Snakes Could Help Scientists Track Fallout From The Fukushima Disaster [sciencealert](d.php?did=sciencealert.com) Confused by Multi-Index in Pandas? 9 Essential Operations to Know #GetMoreInsights [towardsdatascience](d.php?did=towardsdatascience.com) Get a bigger exit: Build your executive team’s personal brand [nextweb](d.php?did=thenextweb.com) What Does the Delta Variant Mean for Kids and Covid? 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[newsycom](d.php?did=news.ycombinator.com) Clubhouse for iOS adds Spatial Audio support – 9to5Mac [9to5mac](d.php?did=9to5mac.com) Ceramics 3D Printing to Be Advanced via Fortify & Tethon Partnership – 3DPrint.com [3dprint.com](d.php?did=3dprint.com) Pollen-Based Bioink Heralds New Potential for Bioprinting Drugs – 3DPrint.com [3dprint.com](d.php?did=3dprint.com) How Used Solar Panels Are Powering the Developing World – Slashdot [slashdot](d.php?did=slashdot.org) Google My Business Mentor Award [seoround](d.php?did=seroundtable.com) EastEnders boss updates fans on full-length episodes return [digitalspy](d.php?did=digitalspy.com) App Store commission to unravel in Korea; US could follow – 9to5Mac [9to5mac](d.php?did=9to5mac.com) There are 6 invisible structures hidden beneath Greenland’s ice sheet [tweaktown](d.php?did=tweaktown.com) Protect yourself and wildlife by cleaning your bird feeder [popsci](d.php?did=popsci.com) Hands-on IT skills pay off more than certs, study says [cio](d.php?did=cio.com) [[2108.12170] The Temporal Rich Club Phenomenon]https://t.co/24kqZKf2AO [arxiv](d.php?did=arxiv.org) Temporary Architecture: Innovation, Testing-Ground and Entertainment [archdaily](d.php?did=archdaily.com) Why don’t we grow to be 10 feet tall? [popsci](d.php?did=popsci.com) Kuo: iPhone 13 series to feature low earth orbit satellite communication connectivity – GSMArena.com news [gsmarena](d.php?did=gsmarena.com) Amazon India lists Galaxy A52s 5G ahead of launch, price confirmed – GSMArena.com news [gsmarena](d.php?did=gsmarena.com) Our Favorite Paper Planners (2021): Planners, Pens, Stickers, and More [wired](d.php?did=wired.com) How politicians manipulate the masses with simple AI [nextweb](d.php?did=thenextweb.com) SEOs Want Opt Out For Google Title Change [seoround](d.php?did=seroundtable.com) Hacker Claims Honda And Acura Vehicles Vulnerable To Simple Replay Attack [hackaday](d.php?did=hackaday.com) Mystical Installation at the Zurich Design Biennale 2021 Invades the City’s Old Botanical Garden [archdaily](d.php?did=archdaily.com) Singapore touts need for security, use cases as 5G rollouts gather steam [zdnet](d.php?did=zdnet.com) NASA space telescope looked back in time, saw rare supernova explosion [tweaktown](d.php?did=tweaktown.com) Scientists discover Earth’s ‘northernmost’ island, it may be swallowed [tweaktown](d.php?did=tweaktown.com) A ‘one in a million’ brain from 310 million years ago was just found [tweaktown](d.php?did=tweaktown.com) NASA’s Mars helicopter snapped an image of a martian ‘road’ [tweaktown](d.php?did=tweaktown.com) Welcome to TechRadars PC Gaming Week 2021 [techrad](d.php?did=techradar.com) COVID-19 antibody study shows downside of not receiving second shot [medicalxpress](d.php?did=medicalxpress.com) Proceedings of @ACMHT are now available on the ACM DL: #HT2021 [acm](d.php?did=acm.org) Write a guessing game in ncurses on Linux [opensource](d.php?did=opensource.com) The Acceleration of the Move to the Cloud – Whats Next for Data Strategy? – Data Science Central [datasciencecentral](d.php?did=datasciencecentral.com) APOD: 2017 March 28 – King of Wings Hoodoo under the Milky Way [nasa](d.php?did=nasa.gov) Genetic data privacy, the GDPR, and research needs: A delicate balance [medicalxpress](d.php?did=medicalxpress.com) Teachers should be priority group for COVID jabs: WHO [medicalxpress](d.php?did=medicalxpress.com) mem20 dynamite dance practice namtaekook.gif – Google Drive Polaris shows off new electric RANGER EV UTV’s extreme performance [electrek](d.php?did=electrek.co) Happier Than Ever: Billie Eilish’s voice and lyrics shine in concert special – CNET [cnet](d.php?did=cnet.com) Jon Stewart’s show debuts September 30 on Apple TV+, companion podcast launches – 9to5Mac [9to5mac](d.php?did=9to5mac.com) SpaceX is taking avocados, ants and ice cream to ISS astronauts [tweaktown](d.php?did=tweaktown.com) NASA launches cutting-edge science to the International Space Station [tweaktown](d.php?did=tweaktown.com) Rethinking Diversity Measures in the Finance Industry [mit](d.php?did=mit.edu) Apple Shares Trailer for ‘The Problem With Jon Stewart,’ Show to Be Accompanied by Podcast – MacRumors [macrumors](d.php?did=macrumors.com) EastEnders producer hints Mick and Linda could be caught out [digitalspy](d.php?did=digitalspy.com) More people are poisoning themselves with horse-deworming drug to thwart COVID [ars](d.php?did=arstechnica.com) Monoprice Monolith M570 Headphones Review: Awesome Sound for the Price [wired](d.php?did=wired.com) The fastML Guide by @buabaj_ in @TDataScience [towardsdatascience](d.php?did=towardsdatascience.com) Recovering From COVID-19 Doesn’t Guarantee Antibodies or Confer Immunity to Re-Infection [scitechdaily](d.php?did=scitechdaily.com) GitHub – hasherezade/mal_unpack: Dynamic unpacker based on PE-sieve [github](d.php?did=github.com) 5 DevSecOps open source projects to know [enterprisersproject](d.php?did=enterprisersproject.com) VW customers will soon have a choice for in-car 4G connectivity [engadget](d.php?did=engadget.com) Virgin Galactic: Final Chance to Win Flight to Edge of Space [digitaltrends](d.php?did=digitaltrends.com) How Big Data Makes Digital Marketing Campaigns More Efficient – Data Science Central [datasciencecentral](d.php?did=datasciencecentral.com) OpenSea’s team of 37 staff is currently handling 98% of combined NFT volumes [cointelegraph](d.php?did=cointelegraph.com) Pavilion Extension / Ashworth Parkes Architects [archdaily](d.php?did=archdaily.com) Xiaomi rolls out Android 12-based MIUI 12 beta for the Mi 11 [androidcentral](d.php?did=androidcentral.com) Intel ARC Alchemist: perf close to RTX 3060, but things will change [tweaktown](d.php?did=tweaktown.com) The value of Norway’s sovereign wealth fund is growing much faster than the country’s GDP [qz](d.php?did=qz.com) Experimental chlorine battery holds 6 times more charge than lithium-ion [newatlas](d.php?did=newatlas.com) Wyoming is the No.

1 US coal producer, but its largest utility is ditching the fossil fuel: Wyoming has been the US [electrek](d.php?did=electrek.co) EastEnders to bring back a face from Kim Fox’s past this autumn [digitalspy](d.php?did=digitalspy.com) 5 super-popular headphones on Amazon that cost $25 or less [bgr](d.php?did=bgr.com) Fossil unveils the first Wear OS smartwatch with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100+ [androidcentral](d.php?did=androidcentral.com) 9 Best Android Phones (Unlocked, Cheap): Our 2021 Picks [wired](d.php?did=wired.com) The Essential IdeaVim Remaps [towardsdatascience](d.php?did=towardsdatascience.com) Why I’m Using VSCode for Jupyter Notebooks by @MrAlanJones [towardsdatascience](d.php?did=towardsdatascience.com) MSI Spatium M480 M.2 NVMe SSD Review: Classy Looks and Speed [tomshardware](d.php?did=tomshardware.com) How police laid down a geofence dragnet for Kenosha protestors – The Verge [verge](d.php?did=theverge.com) Toyota’s e-Palette hits a blind Paralympian: is `semi-automation’ to blame? [nextweb](d.php?did=thenextweb.com) Why is it so difficult to fight domestic terrorism? 6 experts share their thoughts [theconversation](d.php?did=theconversation.com) Space mission tests NREL perovskite solar cells [physorg](d.php?did=phys.org) Think Tank: Data #privacy not in isolation, but on a spectrum [computerweekly](d.php?did=computerweekly.com) The DSLR is fading away.

Now what? – CNET [cnet](d.php?did=cnet.com) RaveOn / Nick Deaver Architect [archdaily](d.php?did=archdaily.com) How Leaders Can Keep Up in Today’s Challenging World [adweek](d.php?did=adweek.com) That Linux lawsuit: 20 years later, SCO vs IBM may finally be ending [zdnet](d.php?did=zdnet.com) How to create a great e-commerce website [thedrum](d.php?did=thedrum.com) Helsinki start-up event Slush to go ahead in-person in December [siliconrepublic](d.php?did=siliconrepublic.com) LineageOS 18.1 support comes to Poco F3, X3 Pro, plus more – 9to5Google [9to5google](d.php?did=9to5google.com) Here Are the 12 People Most Responsible for COVID Misinformation [nautilus](d.php?did=nautil.us) How To Make The CFO Your Ally [forrester](d.php?did=forrester.com) This nasty new email scam tricks victims into calling the fraudsters [techrad](d.php?did=techradar.com) Benin’s rare swamp forest ‘at risk of disappearing’ [physorg](d.php?did=phys.org) The Oasis of Palmyra [newsycom](d.php?did=news.ycombinator.com) IPG Agency UM UK’s Rachel Forde on the Future of the Office [adweek](d.php?did=adweek.com) Sweetgreen puts Naomi Osaka in ads during U.S.Open [adage](d.php?did=adage.com) See the first ad for Pearl Milling Company, formerly Aunt Jemima [adage](d.php?did=adage.com) Australia considering new regulations for Apple Pay and other digital payment services – 9to5Mac [9to5mac](d.php?did=9to5mac.com) The Dogged Pursuit of Bug-Free C Programs: The Frama-C Software Analysis Platform [acm](d.php?did=acm.org) Zoom Dysmorphia Is Following People Into the Real World [wired](d.php?did=wired.com) How to plan your video strategy for hybrid, remote, and office workers [venbeat](d.php?did=venturebeat.com) Automattic acqui-hires the team behind Frontity, a React framework for WordPress [venbeat](d.php?did=venturebeat.com) Academics bypass PINs for Mastercard and Maestro contactless payments – The Record by Recorded Future [therecord](d.php?did=therecord.media) China restricts kids’ online gaming to three hours a week – TechCrunch [crunch](d.php?did=techcrunch.com) Inspiration4: SpaceX’s historic private spaceflight in photos [space](d.php?did=space.com) Amazon deforestation and fires are a hazard to public health [physorg](d.php?did=phys.org) Print from anywhere with CUPS on Linux [opensource](d.php?did=opensource.com) APOD: 2021 August 30 – A Fire Rainbow over West Virginia [nasa](d.php?did=nasa.gov) Could climate change make humans go extinct? [livescience](d.php?did=livescience.com) The Top Industries Hiring Data Scientists in 2021 – KDnuggets [kdnuggets](d.php?did=kdnuggets.com) In 1983, The CIA Wrote A Bizarre Report About Transcending Spacetime With Your Mind [iflscience](d.php?did=iflscience.com) Lenovo K13 quietly launches in Russia: a cheap Moto E7i Power rebrand with Android 10 Go – GSMArena.com news [gsmarena](d.php?did=gsmarena.com) Umbrella Academy cast celebrates wrapping season 3 [digitalspy](d.php?did=digitalspy.com) Coronation Street – Seb’s killer revealed and more soap spoilers [digitalspy](d.php?did=digitalspy.com) Want to play Xbox games on your iPhone? Here’s how to do it with Xbox Cloud Gaming – CNET [cnet](d.php?did=cnet.com) People Who Are Having Bad Days And Then Some [buzzfeed](d.php?did=buzzfeed.com) For Everyone Who Loved Benita On “Play School&quot [buzzfeed](d.php?did=buzzfeed.com) Chase bank accidentally leaked customer info to other customers [bleepingcomputer](d.php?did=bleepingcomputer.com) iPhone 13 might be able to call and text without cell signal or Wi-Fi [bgr](d.php?did=bgr.com) [[2108.11972v1] The positive mass theorem and distance estimates in the spin setting]https://t.co/sucBhbInPW [arxiv](d.php?did=arxiv.org) New malware found on 30,000 Macs has security pros stumped [ars](d.php?did=arstechnica.com) Cities are Taking New Measures to Mitigate Heatwaves [archdaily](d.php?did=archdaily.com) Interested In Deep Learning? by @richmondalake [towardsdatascience](d.php?did=towardsdatascience.com) Positive female role models underpin successful brands [thedrum](d.php?did=thedrum.com) Vaccines could affect how the coronavirus evolves – but that’s no reason to skip your shot [theconversation](d.php?did=theconversation.com) Cross-resolution difference learning for change detection between multitemporal images [techxplore](d.php?did=techxplore.com) A notchless iPhone makes a brief cameo in a Ted Lasso episode – SlashGear [slashgear](d.php?did=slashgear.com) Refactoring CSS: Optimizing Size And Performance (Part 3) — Smashing Magazine [smashing](d.php?did=smashingmagazine.com) Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? [popsci](d.php?did=popsci.com) Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccinations – Statistics and Research – Our World in Data [ourworldindata](d.php?did=ourworldindata.org) Three Clocks Are Better Than One [newsycom](d.php?did=news.ycombinator.com) Training spatial cognition enhances mathematical learning in a randomized study of 17,000 children [nature](d.php?did=nature.com) The New Gérald Gentra Retro Mickey From Bulgari At Watches And Wonders 2021 [hodinkee](d.php?did=hodinkee.com) NFT Accelerator Launchpad Luna is Helping Creators Reach New Heights [hackernoon](d.php?did=hackernoon.com) Realme confirms it’s bringing the first Dimensity 810 smartphone – GSMArena.com news [gsmarena](d.php?did=gsmarena.com) Weapon Master Genesis NFT Whitelist Application Form GitHub – PunitSoniME/react-webpack-5-babel-boilerplate [github](d.php?did=github.com) Pharmacist Busted for Selling Real COVID Vaccine Cards to Anti-Vaxxers [futurism](d.php?did=futurism.com) Marvel’s Theo Rossi starring alongside Aubrey Plaza in new movie [digitalspy](d.php?did=digitalspy.com) Stephen producer discusses Doreen and Neville Lawrence’s reaction [digitalspy](d.php?did=digitalspy.com) Learn about Knowledge Engineering [deepai](d.php?did=deepai.org) The Mystery Continues New Hubble Observations of Neptune’s Great Dark Spot [dailygalaxy](d.php?did=dailygalaxy.com).

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