Laura Ingraham praises Glenn Youngkin for turning around Virginia governor race


imageAs the country rings in the highly-anticipated Virginia gubernatorial election, ” The Ingraham Angle ” host Laura Ingraham applauded Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin for his commitment to turning the race around.”Few early on gave him much of a chance but clean-cut family man and American success story Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, decided to go all-in in the Virginia governor’s race,” she said.”He traveled the entire commonwealth connecting beyond the base to first-time voters and those who voted Democrat last time around who are now having some buyer’s remorse.”Ingraham expressed that there’s “no wonder” the trend lines predict a Youngkin victory when McAuliffe, who was already governor, campaigns on furthering racial division.INGRAHAM: WHERE HAVE ALL THE MEN GONE? “One guy promoting a positive, pro-family, pro-business agenda for Virginians of all races and creeds.And the other playing to the cheap seats on racial division,” she said.”It’s so revealing and how sad for Terry McAuliffe.”As an on-and-off resident of Virginia since the ‘80s, Ingraham revealed she’s never felt a “greater sense of urgency” to pull a GOP candidate into office, and the reason lies with Virginia’s kids.”Suburban moms who usually meet for coffee at Starbucks, they’re now powerwalking to the polls together,” she said.”Forty-something-year-old Biden voters are speaking about tomorrow’s election in hushed, desperate tones on the sidelines of their kids’ pee wee football games.””The reason is simple: Politicians who use racial victimhood as a battering ram, who use our children as guinea pigs for their own radical agenda, are finding few takers outside the world of academia and maybe the teachers’ unions.”According to Ingraham, Virginia parents have very “specific and legitimate” concerns about their children’s education and treatment in school.But instead of deeming quality education a “white thing,” as the left does, Youngkin has been able to focus his campaign on issues that look past party affiliation.

Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin speaks during a campaign event in Old Town Alexandria’s Farmers Market in Alexandria, Virginia, U.S., October 30, 2021.

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts (REUTERS/Joshua Roberts) “Most parents want the schools they fund to work for them and, of course, their children, not against them,” she said.”Democrats misread the results of the 2020 presidential election… The Democrat Party under Biden has gone so far left, it’s left America, and even managed to turn off very blue elements in very blue Northern Virginia.”In the past four years, the Democratic Party has been put at a great advantage by suburban female voters but Ingraham suggested the party, and McAuliffe, have taken their biggest supporters for granted.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP “Somehow they thought they could run to the left on education, on race, on taxes, the economy and immigration and still keep a lock on women voters,” she said.”Tomorrow will show you they were very wrong.

The one group the Democrats could not afford to alienate they have succeeded in alienating.”.

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