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imageMacron criticised over push for EU army by Italian MEP

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Speaking today, Lord Frost outlined his plans to scrap the special status for laws handed down by Brussels to create a world-class border with the bloc.Under these plans, Lord Frost insisted the UK will restore the sovereignty and status of Parliament and UK courts.Upon hearing Lord Frost’s speech, the arch-Remainer revealed his fury towards the Brexit minister.

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UK to launch rockets from Spaceport after Danish legal challenge

Boris faces Supreme Court battle over hated EU deal In a tweet, Lord Adonis said: “Lord Frost just said he is putting in place a ‘world-class border’ with the EU.World-class b t.”

In other news, Emmanuel Macron is expected to lead a new campaign to bring forward a form of EU army cooperation after the UK signed a historic security agreement with Australia and UK.

It comes as Downing Street announced a new defence partnership with the US and Australia as Western allies look to keep a check on China’s growing power in the Indo-Pacific.

In a joint statement on Wednesday evening, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, US President Joe Biden and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed the creation of a “new trilateral defence partnership”.

Mr Johnson said the alliance, known by its acronym Aukus, would work “hand-in-glove to preserve security and stability in the Indo-Pacific”.

Brexit news: Lord Adonis issued his fury today (Image: GETTY) But on the same day, the French President announced he would use France’s six-month rotating presidency to champion a bolstering of the bloc’s military capabilities.

European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen will host a summit of EU leaders next year to discuss the issue.

She added last night: “The good news is that over the past years, we have started to develop a European defence ecosystem.

“In the last weeks, there have been many discussions on expeditionary forces.

“On what type and how many we need: battlegroups or EU entry forces.”


Trending 4.30am update: ‘Very bitter’ Macron’s lucrative Australian deal torn up by Brexit Britain and US

The French government has accused Australia of a betrayal after it ripped up a submarine building agreement to forge closer ties with Britain and the US.

French foreign affairs minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said the decision by Australia to scrap the £43 billion arrangement with Paris was a “stab in the back”.

“We had established a trusting relationship with Australia, and this trust was betrayed,” he fumed.

The Frenchman said he was “angry and very bitter about this break-up.”

2am update: EU disaster as bloc faces huge energy bills hike this winter

European citizens are set to be hit by a 60 percent hike in gas prices this winter, in a move that is alarming experts.

Households across Europe face much higher winter energy bills due to a global surge in wholesale power and gas prices and consumer groups have warned the most vulnerable in the region could be hit by fuel poverty as a result.

Bloomberg’s Javier Blas warned there is also no sign of the price increases slowing down.

He tweeted: “GAS MARKET: I don’t want to alarm anyone, but European gas prices are up this morning >7 percent to a new all-time high, bringing their increase since August 1 to ~60 percent.

“The rally does not show any sign of slowing down.

“Gas inventories are seasonally very, very low.And the winter is coming.”

0.15am update: ‘Not since 1922!’ UK axes EU checks on pets arriving from Britain over ‘unnecessary’ rule

Ministers have scrapped some “unnecessary” EU checks under the protocol for pets arriving into Northern Ireland from the UK.

Northern Ireland’s Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots said checks on pets travelling over the Irish Sea will be removed “indefinitely”.

The former DUP leader has instructed officials to allow all pet dogs, cats and ferrets to pass freely.

Checks were meant to be introduced as required by the Northern Ireland Protocol in January 2021, agreed as part of the Brexit deal.

Isabella Marsans takes over from Bill McLoughlin.

10.38pm update: M&S blames EU red tape over closure of 11 France stores ‘Made it near impossible’

Marks & Spencer is closing down 11 of its stores in France due to fresh and chilled food supply issues, blaming Brexit for the move.

Retail giant Marks & Spencer has said it will close 11 of its stores in France due to fresh and chilled food supply issues following Brexit.

The group blamed Brexit disruption to exports from the UK to Europe for its decision to shut all franchised shops with partner SFH in France.

It said: “The lengthy and complex export processes now in place following the UK’s exit from the European Union are significantly constraining the supply of fresh and chilled product from the UK into Europe and continuing to impact product availability for customers and the performance of our business in France.”

Brexit: Michael Ellis slams Labour’s ‘relentless negativity’

8.53pm update: Boris thrashes out Brexit deal row with Speaker Nancy Pelosi in high stakes London meeting

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the US House of Representatives, held talks with Boris Johnson on Thursday in 10 Downing Street.

The two discussed a range of issues including Brexit, and its impact on Northern Ireland.

Under the terms of Mr Johnson’s Brexit deal, some checks now take place on trade between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

This has infuriated unionists, who are demanding the hated ‘Northern Ireland protocol’ is scrapped.

However senior Democrats, including President Joe Biden, have urged the Government not to do anything that could undermine the peace process.

In a statement, Ms Pelosi said: “Respectful of the will of the British people and Brexit, I reiterated the strong bipartisan support that the Good Friday Accords continue to enjoy in the United States Congress and our hope that the ongoing negotiations will yield a positive outcome that recognizes this landmark agreement.

“It was my honour to personally invite the Prime Minister to a bipartisan leadership meeting in the United States Capitol when he travels to the United States later this month.”

Brexit news: Boris Johnson met with Nancy Pelosi today (Image: No10 Flickr) 7.14pm update: Thornberry sends outrageous ‘beginner guide’ to clean up Truss Brexit mess in brazen stunt

Li Truss’ record as Secretary of State for International Trade has been attacked by Labour’s Emily Thornberry, shortly after her promotion to Foreign Secretary.

She has been replaced as trade minister by Anne-Marie Trevelyan, a former business minister.

Ms Thornberry shadowed Ms Truss as trade minister and she offered a scathing assessment of Ms Truss’ record in a letter to her successor.

She accused the minister of having “left the DIT [Department for International Trade] without a single completed deal we didn’t have inside the EU”.

6.27pm update: Thornberry dismantled over ‘relentless poisonous Brexit negativity’ in furious Commons row

Emily Thornberry has been slammed for showing “relentless poisonous negativity” towards Brexit in a fiery clash in the House of Commons.

Labour’s Shadow International Trade Secretary has been slapped down by Government Minister Michael Ellis over the Labour Party’s stance on Brexit.

Mr Ellis slammed the opposition for showing a “relentless negativity” over the UK’s departure from the EU.

He called on Ms Thornberry’s party to embrace the opportunities that have come from Britain being free from the “shackles of the regulation and bureaucracy” that came with EU membership.

Brexit news: The Crown Stamp will be restored (Image: GETTY) 5.01pm update: Crown insignia to return to pints

As part of the Government’s plans to rip out EU regulation, the Crown insignia is set to return to British pint glasses.

The stamp, which was replaced in 2007 by the EU’s CE mark, is part of a wider plan to ditch EU law post-Brexit.

Tim Martin, chairman of the Wetherspoons pub chain, told The Daily Telegraph: “I’ve certainly no objection to it.

“But even the most die hard monarchist will find it hard to get enthusiastic.

“What we’d really love is some government initiatives to decrease costs for businesses which we can pass on to customers.

“This Government is addicted to PR initiatives.I’m sure I’m being cynical, but I hope this isn’t another one.”

Brexit news: A timeline of events leading to the UK’s exit (Image: Express) 4.50pm update: Could Biden save Brexit? Boris Johnson in pivotal meeting next week

Boris Johnson will finally get an audience with US President Joe Biden next week as he travels to Washington.

But could this be key to saving the embattled Brexit deal?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to travel to the US next week for the United Nations general assembly.

According to reports, the British PM has also been invited to a meet with Joe Biden at the White House, an honour that would have taken place much sooner were it not for the Covid pandemic.

But now, the timing could be key for matters on home soil.

4.12pm update: Angry French ambassador shows true colours by reminding Biden about naval victory over UK

Brexit Britain’s newly forged defence deal with Australia and the US infuriated French Ambassador to America, Philippe Etienne, who took a bitter swipe at his transatlantic allies.

The UK, US and Australia agreed to co-operate on the development of the first nuclear-powered fleet for the Australian navy in a ground-breaking agreement dubbed Aukus.

But this meant that Canberra ripped up a deal worth around £30 billion that was struck with Paris in 2016 for France to provide 12 diesel-electric submarines.

Reacting to the news, Philippe Etienne, French Ambassador to the United States took the opportunity to take a bitter swipe at both the US and the UK.

Brexit: Freeman slams ‘aggressive’ EU checks on Newsnight

3.14pm update: Lord Adonis lashes out at “world-class b*.

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