Biden turns back on reporters, refuses to take questions after remarks on dismal jobs report


imageBiden has developed a reputation for failing to engage with reporters [President Joe Biden]( turned his back on reporters and walked away as they shouted questions on Friday following his remarks on a [bleak September jobs report]( .Biden, speaking from the [controversial set across the street]( from the White House, offered his signature “may God protect our troops” closing line before quickly exiting as reporters yelled questions over each other.[BIDEN REPEATEDLY IMPLIES HE’S NOT IN CHARGE OF WHEN, WHERE HE CAN TAKE QUESTIONS FROM THE PRESS]( Multiple voices were heard shouting, “Mr.President,” while one reporter attempted to ask Biden what he would say to Americans – but the president was off the stage before he could finish his question.Fox News remained live on the empty stage for a few seconds before anchor Sandra Smith chimed in.

“Allowing a beat there to see if the president took any questions there from the White House as he wraps his remarks on the dismal September jobs report that stunned when it was released this morning,” Smith told viewers.U.S.

employers hired far fewer workers than expected last month as supplemental [unemployment benefits]( expired.[BIDEN REFUSES TO CALL ON US REPORTERS WHILE UK’S BORIS JOHNSON HOLDS COURT WITH BRITS]( Biden has quickly [developed a reputation]( for failing to engage with reporters during his first nine months on the job.Last month, he [declined to call on U.S.

reporters]( after British Prime Minister [Boris Johnson]( took questions from reporters from the United Kingdom during an Oval Office meeting.White House reporters made a formal complaint about not getting any formal questions while the British press asked away.

In August, he blew off a question about Afghanistan after offering to take questions at the Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters during comments about Hurricane Ida.”I’m not supposed to take any questions but go ahead,” Biden told Bloomberg News reporter [Jennifer Jacobs]( .Jacobs began, “Mr.President, on Afghanistan—” “I’m not gonna answer on Afghanistan now,” Biden interjected before walking away from the podium.[BIDEN TORCHED FOR NOT TAKING QUESTIONS, TALKING UP ‘BUILD BACK BETTER’ BEFORE AFGHANISTAN CRISIS]( Biden has also repeatedly implied that his handlers set the rules and determine when and where he’s [allowed to take questions]( from the press.The trend began with Biden’s first formal [White House]( press conference as president in January.

Following his remarks about his “Made in America” manufacturing initiative, a member of Biden’s staff was [heard calling on specific reporters to ask their questions]( to the president, something that was similarly done during the 2020 presidential election and the transition period.However, the president has since escalated the practice and Biden has repeatedly suggested he’s not in the driver’s seat when it comes to handling the press.

“Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here.The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O’Donnell from NBC,” Biden said during a press conference in August.[CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP]( Biden said he would be “in trouble” if he continued to take questions from reporters during a rare back-and-forth with the press in April.He also joked when taking questions at a press conference in June following the [G-7 summit]( , claiming that his staff will be upset with him if he does not conduct the event as they wish.

The president doesn’t have to worry about getting in hot water with his advisers on Friday, as he simply ignored all questions.Fox News’ Jessica Chasmar Jon Brown and Fox Business’ Jonathan Garber contributed to this report..

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